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Beauty Bloggers High Tea plus one

July 3, 2011

Today I had the great pleasure of attending the Beauty Bloggers High Tea at The Victoria Room at Kings Cross. My reason for the “plus one” title is referring to me not being a blogger. I’ll get there soon!

It was a great day of eating (best scones ever!), drinking lots of tea and chatting on all things including beauty of course. It was so great to finally meet all my favourite beauty bloggers who I admire. Such a wonderful experience! I also learnt a lot due to them giving me helpful hints and tips which I took away with me, in hopes of utilising those advice to make this blog as wonderful and successful as possible! Thanks ladies!

I have never been to The Victoria Room before and the decor was exquisite! I was telling the ladies how it reminded me of an old-fashioned gentlemen’s club. I felt like I needed to pull out a cigar! Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the venue, as the whole place had horrible lighting and felt like I was wearing sunglasses indoors. They literally had the blinds closed in there, in the middle of the day! It was very bizarre.

By the end of all the eating and drinking, everyone popped out all their un-used and brand new products to swap and all the left overs were donated to charity! What a great idea! Below are pictures I took with my iPhone so excuse the blurry and dark pictures. As I said, the lighting at the venue was horrible too which didn’t help either, but here they are:

I would like to thank all the beauty bloggers for an amazing day and hope to see you all very soon. And last but not the very least, a HUGE thank you to Sara-May for organising the event. (and inviting me!) I really did have a great time and can’t wait to do it all again!



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  1. It was a great day. The food was beautiful and so special!
    Thanks for coming along, it was fun to have you there.
    I think it’s great you plan on doing a range of different posts, like this one about a place to eat.
    I would love to hear about any other restaurants you eat at etc as M and i love to eat out.

    Great post! xx

  2. That’s a lovely post! Esp the last 2 photos: all you can see is our grabby hands LOL
    It was def a great day and yes, hopefully we will be able to do it soon again!
    Marusya from

  3. Oh look at my grabby hand, going for the kill! LOL.

    It was lovely to meet you Aryanny, such a great idea to have this high tea, it was a wonderful opportunity to meet everyone.

    And welcome to the bloggersphere, finally!

    Lilit – Makeup and Macaroons

  4. HEHE! Looks like so much fun! There’s nothing like a yummy high tea!
    I can see Lilit going in for the kill in the last pic!

  5. It was an amazing day, wasn’t it ladies? Can’t wait for the next meet! 🙂

  6. Love the snatch & grab shots!! A beauty looting frenzy! Fab arvo, great to meet you. Love your name , so pretty!

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